Question mark

Site members may occasionally become interested in the question of why certain abilities are not permitted in the RPG. Why not simply allow anything?

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that our goal on the site is to maximize the fun of everyone involved. The fact is that, sadly, there is often an inverse relationship to how powerful a character is and how fun they are to RP with. It's easy, when you have a particularly "cool" character, to become so involved with beefing them up you forget what the purpose of an RP site really is.

That in mind, a few things are considered in deciding what powers to ban:

  • The purpose of the site. Heroes was always a science fiction show, and here on the RP we strive to remain in that genre. This is why powers such as magic are not permitted. Similarly, the ability of pheonix mimicry has no basis in reality whatsoever, removing it from the category of science fiction.
  • The "limitibility" of the power. Some powers simply cannot be limited without changing their nature. Omnikinesis is an example of this. It cannot be limited; if it is limited, it is no longer omnikinesis.
  • The uniqueness of canons. A great many people come to the RP site trying to imitate the cool powers they saw on the show. Unfortunately, it would be rather boring if everyone did this. For this reason, certain powers- usually those belonging to prominent canons- have been banned to keep these characters unique.
  • History of abuse. Some powers were previously held by members who proceeded to abuse them and attempt to evade site rules. A few instances of this are usually enough to prevent anyone else from being allowed the power in the future.

Staff does not enjoy banning powers, but sometimes there is no other choice to keep order on the RP. You can help. Don't abuse the powers you get. Don't let staff think you plan on abusing them. Don't be the person who gets a perfectly good power banned.

People who cannot govern themselves will be governed. We are in bondage to the rules that we might be free- let us not force those chains to be pulled tighter. It's not fun for anyone, and more importantly, you're better than that. Show it.