Sylar cuts Peter

Gabriel Gray uses a blade vector to cut open the skulls of his victims.

Vector Telekinesis is a specialized form of telekinesis in that it is visualized very specificaly. The DNA Alternate visualizes appendages of pure will forming out of them and moving physical objects. The amount of vectors that can be created by the Alternate often depends on their mastery of the ability. The Alternate is always capable of projecting at least one vector, but training and high levels of concentration are required to maintain multiple vectors simultaneously.

The Alternate may visualize their vector in a variety of ways. The Alternate most often begins by visualizing an arm, and develops more complex vectors by training. The Alternate may visualize a variety of weapons, such as whips, clubs, maces, and even blades. Gabriel Gray used a blade vector to cut open the skulls of his victims.

The Alternate with vector telekinesis can only project their will through vectors. The Alternate may or may not be limited in range compared to the more versatile telekinetics, but the Alternate is more precise with the use of their ability.