Samuel Sullivan uses Terrakinesis to create a massive sinkhole.

Terrakinesis (also called Geokinesis) is the ability to mentally manipulate the earth's soil, rocks and minerals therein. With this ability, one could create large hills or rock walls or other constructs, create a sinkhole or a pit, cause rockslides and (in moistened soil) mudslides. Possibly, if the weilder is advanced, they could create crevasses by pulling the earth apart or even caves. With concentration, the wielder may be able to hurl rock, soil or sand at foes with only the power of their minds, or form said materials into constructs. One could conceivably absorb any dietary mineral nutrients out of desired objects to use for oneself. Any crystals and precious stones could also be constructed or controlled, although movement of them telekinetically is debateable when outside or removed from the earth.