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Brian Davis uses his Telekinesis to move a glass around his desk.

The Telekinetic Mutation is a neurological mutation that occurs more infrequently than the Telepathic Mutation, and has fewer specializations. The Telekinetic Mutation develops in the primary motor cortex, specifically the basal ganglia. The will power that one normally uses to control oneself can be channeled through this mutation as an energy source, moving physical objects by willpower alone.

Telekinesis (also called Psychokinesis) is the ability to apply force with the mind. The telekinetic visualizes an object moving, and wills it to move as such. The telekinetic may or may not supplement the mental imagery with hand gestures. The potential and level of control determine what the telekinetic can move. Visualization is the key to this ability. Being able to visualize the intended movement is absolutely necessary. As a result, telekinetics have difficulty moving objects they cannot see. With exceptional control, the telekinetic could augment their physical strength, stop bullets, and even fly.

The complete list of telekinetic specializations can be found below:

  • Ballistic Telekinesis is a specialized form of telekinesis in that it requires no visualization. The telekinetic creates a vortex of force around them, unstoppable and uncontrollable.
  • Psionic Armor differs from traditional telekinesis in that it does not require active visualization. The telekinetic creates a force of will around them that stops anything from reaching them.
  • Vector Telekinesis is a specialized form of telekinesis in that it is visualized very specificaly. The telekinetic visualizes appendages of pure will forming out of them and moving physical objects.