A "bionic" eye is an augment available to a person with this ability to increase eyesight as well as act as a data resource.

Techno Incorporation is the rare and very dangerous ability that allows a suppression of the immune system in such a way so as to not reject foreign matter. This permits surgeries to augment a person's natural abilities to increase things such as their mental processes via computer chips or other augmentations to allow current technologies to integrate and enhance a normal human's strength, sight, balance or even incorporate prosthetics. This ability alllows the one with it to incporporate a limited number of augmentations into their bodies without fear of rejection by the immune system, and let's the body react as if the augmentations are a natural extension.

The downside to this abillity is that due to the immune suppression required for such allowances, the natural immune system is severely compromised by minor viruses, bacteria, infections and common germs that the body can normally fight off on its own. Thus, even a minor cut or the common cold could become life threatening. Constant need for antibiotics and other immune boosting drugs are necessary as well as precaution taken to ensure personal safety. Even the surgeries required for these augmentations have the possibility to cause death, not due to rejection of the foreign matter, but due to the possibility of infection after the fact in the healing wound. As a result, no more than 5 augmentations can be received by a person with this ability without fatal consequences.