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The Alternate can perform advanced calculations in microseconds.

Superhuman Intelligence is the ability of a DNA Alternate to analyze, calculate, and deduce at incalculable speeds. The Alternate is capable of organizing variables around them in order to achieve their agenda.

Superhuman Intelligence is a particular ability derived from the Hyperthymesia mutation. As this suggests, the Alternate is capable of retaining volumes of information that a human could not. Superhuman Intelligence acts as a manner of enhanced consciousness, allowing analysis, calculation, and deduction to occur at incalculable speeds. Pattern-recognition is a talent noticeably enhanced by this ability.

The leap in intelligence is wholly dependent upon the magnitude of the mutation. For example, a minor mutation in the genes may cause a noteworthy rise in intelligence, while greater mutations would create a level of intellect immeasurable by modern means. The Alternate could calculate geometric angles and ricochet an object off a wall and hit a pin-size target, or analyze a structure to find the point of greatest weakness.

While often dismissed as an ability belonging to abstract thinkers, the Alternate could dominate combat with little effort. The enhanced level of creativity and speed of thought granted the Alternate could theoretically allow for the invention of more efficient fighting styles in the midst of combat. The awareness of literally hundreds of variables and the simultaneous adjustments for all of them allows greater accuracy when using firearms.

While all documented Alternates derive this enhanced intelligence from the Hyperthymesic mutation, theoretically, the mutation could occur in the nervous system. Though this theoretical mutation would appear superior on the surface, it carries a much higher potential for significantly impaired cognitive functioning. If the nervous system were strongly effected, or the Alternate suffered nerve damage, they could undergo mental retardation.

The complete list of intelligence specializations can be found below:

  • Intuitive Aptitude is the ability of a DNA Alternate to understand the function of advanced systems instinctually. They may be able to 'hear' when something is broken.
  • Superhuman Computation is a specialized form of Superhuman Intelligence that allows the DNA Alternate to process data at extreme speed. The Alternate is capable of fantastic multi-tasking and sensory integration.

Note: These specializations are just that, specializations. In other words, they grant the alternate improved mental abilities in just one area, as opposed to many as a superhuman intelligence mutation would. However, in their specialized areas, they can be superior to the base mutation- a jack of all trades is master of none.