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Dale Smithers first suffered headaches connected to her ability.

Superhuman hearing is a subcategory of superhuman senses and is a biological mutation. This ability enables the DNA Alternate to hear sounds beyond the range of normal human hearing, in volume and pitch, and gives them a greater sensitivity to sound, enabling them to detect small variances. The extent of this increased range and sensitivity is dependant on the individual. Recorded cases have indicated the possibility of hearing rain falling 40 miles away, the footfalls of insects and the smallest change in a heartbeat. Combining this last capability with being able to detect subtle changes in tone may allow the Alternate to detect emotions.

When this ability first manifests it commonly causes headaches and insomnia due to a painful oversensitivity to sound. However with time, a certain amount of control can be exercised, allowing specific sounds to be distinguished from the ambient noise. A quiet conversation could be picked out from across a crowded room and a single heartbeat focussed upon. However the Alternate will remain oversensitive to loud noises and this can be their greatest weakness.