Eric Doyle uses puppetry to force Meredith Gordon to drink wine.

Puppetry is a specialization some telepaths use to manipulate the ventral horn in the victim, allowing them to completely dominate the actions of the victim. Puppetry (or Puppet Master) is the ability to take control of the victim's body and motor functions against their will. The DNA Alternate appears to have complete control over the victim's person's actions, but not their thoughts. They are able to force the victim to perform any physical action they desire, even if it would force them harm to themselves or others.

It appears some gesture or action needs to be taken on the part of the Alternate for the power to work, and can impose a mimicry of their actions on the victim. It is unknown how many victims can be controlled, but it is known that the Alternate can simultaneously immobilize at least three victims at the same time. The Alternate can also force at least one of the victims to move while keeping the others paralyzed. It does not require a line of sight to their victims to keep them paralyzed. While the Alternate can maintain control of the victim out of view, the Alternate cannot establish such control over the victim they cannot see. The Alternate has to concentrate on an individual to control their actions. A victim with stronger telepathic powers can overpower a DNA Alternate with puppetry.

NOTE: This power is currently Restricted in the Role Play.