Isaac Mendez displaying the ability of precognition.

Precognition (also called Prophecy) is a form of extra-sensory perception in which one will perceive information about future events before they happen, often by visual means. (This is opposed to merely guessing them, based on deductive reasoning and current knowledge which any non-advanced individual can accomplish given the will to do so.) Therefore, the information that can be attained by someone with precognition is information no one could know without a portal to the future.

Prophecies can come as a brief flash of the scene or a vision that lasts for a long time. Most all those who have this ability have little to no control over the frequency of their visions, their duration, what information is shown to them or otherwise any interaction within their prophecies. On rare occasions, those who use this ability can "walk" in their visions and interact to a small degree. Again, this is rare.

On occasion, this ability can be activated at will and within whatever time intervals the user desires (“the next six hours”, “tomorrow”, etc.), at which point the power becomes Selective Precognition. Also, there is an ability that is related to Prophecy in which the individual can see echoes of their (and others) actions and choices into a limited amount of time into the future. This ability is called Echo Cognition.