The mythical phoenix, from which this ability receives its name.

The Phoenix Mimicry ability is one that encompasses all the attributes of the mythical Phoenix. With this ability a person can fly (flight), see great distances (enhanced vision), spontaneously produce flames (pyrokinesis), cry regenerative tears as well as regenerate wounds and body parts (spontaneous regeneration and healing), and be reborn from his ashes if killed (immortality). As the mythical Phoenix was also said to have an enchanting song, people with this power often have good singing voices (though not siren songs). An increase in physical size is often a side effect though it would not be beyond human limitations of normal, but on the upper edge of that scale. (In other words, the person would be a larger person in height, frame, etc. regardless of gender.)

A beginner (young in existence) with this ability would only be able to perform slight self-levitation, fire mimicry and reincarnation, but since the user has "immortality" they can train to use all of the afore mentioned powers of the mythical phoenix over time.

There is likely a correlation to heliokinesis as this power seems activated by the sun initially and many theorize it could become stronger from its energy. However, correlation does not equal causation. It is just as likely there is no connection aside from the mythological beginnings.

NOTE: This power is not currently accepted as a playable ability on the Heroes RPG.