The DNA Alternate will be able to recover from otherwise deadly skeletal breaks.

Ossification is the biological ability of a DNA Alternate to alter their own skeletal structure. The Alternate can decrease their bone density, hollowing their bones like those of a bird, making them incredibly light, fast, and fragile. Alternatively, the Alternate could increase the density, hardening the bones, making them heavier and tougher. The Alternate could also make their bones more flexible, and less prone to stress fractures, aiding in the recovery from falls. 

Most Alternates with this ability heal broken bones more quickly. The process of hematoma preventing excessive bleeding and stabilizing the area, turning into calluses, introducing fibrocartilage that links the broken bones, the calluses turning into bone calluses, introducing osteoblasts to regrow the bone, which would all normally take between two to twelve weeks, could occur in a matter of hours, or minutes, with sufficient calcium intake. 

Alternates with this ability need a constant supply of calcium.