After Arthur Petrelli uses neurocognitive suppression on Angela Petrelli, she is trapped in a comatose state.

Neurocognitive Suppression is a specialization some telepaths use to suspend higher brain function, rendering the victim disoriented, unconscious, vegetative, or catatonic. This ability focuses on causing disorientation of sensory perception, motor control, the ability to communicate, and even conscious thought. The DNA Alternate can choose to not only render the victim unconscious, but they could give them permanent brain damage, leading to life-long vegetative or comatose states, or even kill them.

The Alternate can only use this ability on victims within close proximity, and further limitations (line of sight, eye-contact, physical contact, etc.) may or may not apply. The Alternate may experience negative side-effects, such as headaches, from the use of this ability. Telepaths may be able to prevent the Alternate from using neurocognitive suppression, but they cannot reverse the condition after the ability has been used.