Evolution Activated Wiki

Organic material becomes a form of flexible, organic metal.

Metallic Composition (also called Organic Metallic Composition) is the biological ability of a DNA Alternate to transform their body into a flexible metallic form. The organic material changes at a molecular level into this metal, providing the Alternate with enhanced durability and near invulnerability when in this state. In addition to this, it may also enable the Alternate to reshape their appendages into different objects, such as weapons or tools.

The ability also enables the Alternate to heal much more quickly than normal while in this state, as the metal will simply reform over a wound. However, if the healing process is incomplete when the Alternate reverts back to fleshly form, any wounds would then be as intended, causing harm to the body and could even be fatal.

This ability is closely related to Metallic Exoskeleton. Alternates with Metallic Exoskeleton form an organic metal shell, while Alternates with Metallic Composition transform all of their organic material into organic metal.