Incorporeal Transformation is the atomic ability of a DNA Alternate to cause a flux that makes their molecular construction permeable to every kind of particle, including photons. The body becomes entirely invisible, as it reflects no light, and passes through matter freely. The ability may also be extended to certain places in the body, switching only specific body parts to the incorporeal form. The changeable density of the form also results in a variety of effects on surroundings and the Alternate's body, allowing them abilities similar to phasing, invisibility and levitation, but not as powerful as any.

The exact change is molecular, the make-up changing to such a flux similar to that of phasing, however, the change is vastly more consuming and demanding. The entire process is incredibly rare, such a string of random events to create this perfect meld so rare that almost always, the DNA Alternate only display one of the side effects. Some Alternates can extend this ability to people and objects that they are in contact with.