Samson Gray sedates a rabbit.

Hypnokinesis is the ability of a telepath to cause someone to fall into a hypnotic state of consciousness, or even unconsciousness. The DNA Alternate can make others spontaneously sleep or cause perpetual insomnia, but more often just cause them to fall into a conscious sedated state. The Alternate could possibly remove the instinctual need to sleep from a person for as long as they deem fit, make them feel dreadfully tired, or drastically alter normal sleep patterns, making them tired in the day and exhausted at night. However, it would require a great deal of effort and practice to manage this feat, as well as a weak willed victim. The ability cannot be used in a useful way to increase wakefulness.

The most observed manifestation of this ability requires some kind of outside stimuli. This can be a hummed song, a whistle, or other form of audio stimulus in order to make the hypnotic sedation work. Those who are deaf would naturally be immune to this ability when manifested in this manner. The only other documented manifestation has been through a force of wills during sustained eye contact. Again, a blind person or other who refuses eye contact would be a limitation to the success of this ability.

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