A person with this ability could manipulate blood cells without difficulty.

Hemokinesis is the biological ability of a DNA Alternate to manipulate blood cells in biotic subjects. The Alternate could increase or decrease blood pressure, reduce anaerobic fatigue in muscles, and manipulate the speed at which blood is pumped through the body. Used offensively, it could even induce aneurysms (or heart arrhythmia), angina, subdural bruising or other cardiovascular difficulties (even heart attacks or cardiac arrest). The Alternate can control blood's flow (to accelerate, decelerate it, or even reverse it), control its regeneration, control its coagulation (to heal wounds), or even snatch it from wounds. This could also halt blood flow (called Blood Stopping or Bloodstopping) or, at the higher bands, cause oxygenated blood to release oxygen within wounds, igniting blood’s electrolytes and effectively burning foes from the inside out (called Blood Burning or Blood-Burning).