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Peter Petrelli uses Electrokinesis, mimicked from Elle Bishop.

Empathic Mimicry (or Residual Emulation) is the extremely rare ability to absorb other anomalistic abilities like a sponge when within a close proximity of other evolved humans. The abilities are automatically reproduced within the person with this ability, generally without their immediate knowledge. Persons with empathic mimicry often do not understand how to use all of their abilities until forced, perhaps as a defense mechanism, or if practiced once they know to have the ability. Often the abilities are associated with emotions and are evoked when panic, fear or other strong feelings overcome the person.

Some replicators take on their ability by a remote sampling of the other person's genetic code, allowing their body to alter to accommodate the new ability. Some are capable of simply aligning their mind with their target (in cases of very people-oriented mimics) to discern how it works and then making the changes. Some rare cases have to see the power function at least once to replicate it. In any case, the individual's biology will take on the aspects of the new ability instantly, incorporating it into a new mutation of their genetic code. Some strong with this may even know how to use it effectively directly afterward.

Currently, for original characters, abilities are maxed out at a capacity of 5. Taking on an additional ability will re-write the longest held ability at the time.

NOTE: This power is currently Restricted in the Role Play.