Density Manipulation is the atomic ability of a DNA Alternate to mentally increase or decrease the distribution of one's mass without any ill effect on the body. The Alternate can spontaneously change their biotic mass, or weight, to essentially become almost-weightless (floating, walking on water), extremely heavy and potentially immovable, as well as all areas between these ranges. This can decrease chances of physical damage from outside forces, including weapons as it can make the body too dense for items to pierce, and can often be mistaken for Superhuman Endurance .

The complete list of density specializations can be found below:

  • Incorporeal Transformation is the ability of an alchemist to cause a flux that makes their molecular construction permeable to every kind of particle, including photons.
  • Phasing is a specialization some alchemists use to manipulate their own molecular makeup, inducing instability, and causing such flux that the molecular composition is able to pass through solid matter.