This ability allows the absorption of DNA.

DNA Absorption (also called Genetic Absorption or Aura Absorption) is the ability able to literally absorb the genetic code of individuals at once through skin to skin contact. This process can involve absorbing their victim's physical characteristics (though not complex rearrangement of skeletal features, only features like hair and eye color or skin complexion) and sometimes even their personality and/or memories. It is, of course, even more probable to absorb the abilities of those who possess them due to the fact that it is the genetic code of these DNA Alternates that holds their mutation.

This absorption usually leaves the victim weakened, and sometimes unconscious, with their powers temporarily weakened or removed entirely while the absorber can be left confused or disoriented until they have become acclimated to the effects. These effects are usually temporary, lasting for a period of time relative to how long contact is maintained, but particularly powrful DNA Alternates can leave their victim deceased.

Most often this process happens instantly when the DNA Alternate touches someone, but in certain instances where someone posses the same power or an ability that allows a skin covering of an exoskeleton then they are able to resist the transfer. Also, simple clothing can prevent transfer.

Some DNA Alternates with this ability claim to see 'auras' that relate to the victim's personality or emotions.

NOTE: This power is currently Restricted in the Role Play.