Corporeal Transmutation

Many Alternates can transform their organic material into stone for increased durability.

Corporeal Transmutation is the biological ability of a DNA Alternate to modify their body's cellular construction so as to mimic an entirely different, inorganic material. For instance, carbon atoms could bond covalently on the skin, providing a carbon-based exoskeleton, such as diamond or coal. In essence, the DNA Alternate is a living anthropomorphic embodiment of an alien material.

Unlike atomic transmutation, the bodily equivalent is limited explicitly to the Alternate. They cannot alter anyone or anything outside their own physiology. It must also be possible for the body to produce sufficient amounts of the alternative substance for the transfiguration to occur. Thus, they must have the energy within themselves to do it in addition to having enough of the material provided to mimic. The substance copied must be a generally inert substance (like metals). The Alternate must also have had exposure to the substance to copy it.

What is additionally remarkable about this ability is how the Alternate may essentially lose the organic composition of their body and vital organs, yet still survive with normal function (although, the body must surely compromise for any basic modifications). Most often this has occurred as a metallic exoskeleton that becomes flexible, organic metal for the entire body. However, because cellular DNA may be lost or corrupted in part, these changes can become be semi-permanent.

The complete list of corporeal specializations can be found below:

  • Metallic Composition is the ability of a corporeal to molecularly switch their body into a flexible metallic form.
  • Metallic Exoskeleton is the specialization some corporeals use to produce metal in the pores of the epidermal layer that spreads to encompass the body in a flexible, liquid metal shell.
  • Crystaline Form is the ability of a corporeal to transform their organic matter into a diamond form.
  • Magma Mimicry is the specialization some corporeals use to cause their cells to mimic molten magma.