No one can hide from Molly Walker, because she can find anyone or anything, anywhere.

Clairvoyance is a specialization some telepaths use to locate a person or object merely by locating their unique mentality or mental impression, sometimes anywhere in the world.

There are at least two variants of this power.

The first sort, displayed by individuals such as Molly Walker, permits the Alternate to actually locate their victim anywhere on the globe simply by looking at a photo, however the ability is more powerful when the Alternate has personally encountered this mentality or mental impression before. The range of this ability varies, as some Alternates are capable of tracking individuals broadly around the world, and some can track them precisely within a much smaller range.

With the second variant, clairvoyance becomes the ability to detect the presence of a specific mentality or mental impression. Usually, but not always, this presence is that of fellow DNA alternates. In this case, the individual with clairvoyance can only locate individuals after sensing whatever it is clairvoyance informs them of. Depending on the alternate in question, this may require as little as a photo, or as much as a meeting.

Regardless of the form it takes, clairvoyant individuals always display the ability to track other individuals on the basis of previously obtained information.