Lydia perceives the suffering Hiro is experiencing.

The Chemosensation Mutation, often called the Empathic Mutation, develops in the cerebral cortex. This mutation allows the DNA Alternate to interpret the neurochemical activity of others to develop an emotional connection. Compounding mutations allow the Alternate to use this connection to exert control over the other's emotions.

Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions and desires of others via a neurochemical connection. The Alternate could predict how a person could react due to how they feel at the moment, or to figure out why someone does what they do. The Alternate may be able to determine the presence of unseen people within their immediate proximity as well, because one with this ability can sense the presence of emotions. The Alternate may consider their ability a liability due to the prevalence of pain and suffering in society, and the dominance of these aspects over pleasant emotions. With trained, the Alternate may learn to 'shut out' random emotions they wish not to feel, or concentrate on specific individuals.

The complete list of chemosensory specializations can be found below:

  • Pathokinesis is the ability of a DNA Alternate to consciously control their own pheromone production to manipulate the emotions of others.