Character NameEdit


Peter Petrelli

D. O. B:


Marital Status:

Last Known Location:


Power (If DNA Alternate):


Use this section as an opportunity to describe your character's personality in detail. You can include subsections if you like as far as their personal interests go, their likes, their dislikes. This section should basically be a snapshot of everything that makes your character who they are.


This section should be used to provide as up to date a history for your character as possible. This can be done through text and through keeping an active record of threads they've been in. A combination of both would be ideal. Other things could be recorded here such as their relationships with people, a link to the power grabbing tracker if they have a power such as Empathic Mimicry, etc.

Miscellaneous (Optional)Edit

This section is not necessary. You can rename it to suit the purpose, but this essentially a bonus section where you can fill in any additional information that you wish to include. Theme songs, character media, that sort of thing.

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