Not all cellulokinesis is friendly.

Cellulokinesis is the biological ability of a DNA Alternate to manipulate their cells, as well as the cells of other biotic subjects. The Alternate can transmute liver cells into cancer cells, turn blood cells into brain cells, or even remove heart cells from the body. One with this ability can even mix the cells of two creatures of the same species to make a larger one. Physical touch is required to manipulate other biotic subjects. Because of the demands on the conscious mind, however, few can do this without considerable concentration and effort. Prolonged use can cause exhaustion.

By manipulating cellular behavior, the Alternate can alter and speed up cellular duplication rate. It also allows for manipulation of the 'template' that the cell uses for it's duplication, meaning the cells would duplicate into another that was totally different (so long as the cells had the relevant changes in the DNA strand). Mass must be considered also - while one could shed mass this way easily, gaining mass - or even density - takes extra effort. This takes a toll on the Alternate or other biotic subject they are affecting. Some side effects could be as mild as discomfort and fatigue, all the way to unbearable pain depending on the cells altered.

On the upside, it would be easier to heal wounds by speeding up cellular duplication, but it would be impossible to bring someone back from the dead. This differs from Spontaneous Regeneration in that it requires a conscious focus and determination to accomplish. Thus, an unconscious Alternate could not heal themselves, nor if they are severely wounded, because of the focus it takes to make the process occur.

  • Due to the power of this ability, Cellulokinesis is Restricted to proven players on the RPG.

The complete list of cellulokinetic specializations can be found below:

  • Healing is the ability of a cellulokinetic to accelerate cell division end induce regeneration in biotic subjects.
  • Anti-Healing is a specialization some cellulokinetics use to induce cell death in biotic subjects.
  • Hemokinesis is the ability of a cellulokinetic to manipulate blood cells in biotic subjects.
  • Corailkinesis is a specialization some cellulokinetics use to form and reform calcium carbonate composed coral skeletons.