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Biological mutations can range from physically obvious to invisible.

Biological Mutations are the most common mutations found today. While most are benign, or detrimental, some few are beneficial. The mutations recorded here are resultant of imaginal cells released by the hypothalamous gland in the brain, causing biological abilities. These imaginal cells radically alter human physiology, cauing chemical changes, tissue deformation, and skeletal reshaping. 

The complete list of biological mutations can be found below.

  • The Biokinetic Mutation is the most basic biological mutation. This mutation develops a holometabolism in the DNA Alternate, allowing their entire physiology to transform.
  • The Cellulokinetic Mutation is a more specialized biological mutation. This mutation causes viral traits within the imaginal cells, allowing them to infect other cells, even in other organisms, and alter their function mentally.
  • The Reactive Mutation is a complex biological mutation. This mutation uses the imaginal cells to develop a viral evolution, allowing the Alternate to adapt to nearly anything.