To the DNA Alternate with Biokinesis, their body is the artistic medium, and their imagination is the canvas.

Biokinesis (or Biological Manipulation) is the biological ability to alter one’s own organic matter. The DNA Alternate develops a holometabolism, allowing them to transform every aspect of their physiology. They can control this process, allowing them to alter the functions of organs and organelles, radically altering the essential biological functions within the body. Muscle groups may also be manipulated, allowing for greater performance or even changed function. Some other physical enhancements (such as enhanced strength) can be created via this ability, but they would in no way be super-human.

The exceptionally skilled Alternate can cease biological function, bypassing vital organs, or even move organs around within their body. Also, they could heal a broken bone or minor wound by focusing on it long enough. However, this is not Spontaneous Regeneration, as they have to focus constantly to force their body to speed up healing, and it can potentially take an exhausting amount of work - hours on end!

In any case, the skin and muscle tissue of the Alternate is very pliable - so much so that it's easy for most with this to be able to shift their physical form effectively within a very short time. Skeletal frames can shift, but to become larger could make them more brittle as there is no growth in mass.

Some exceptionally skilled Alternate could alter their appearance, but nowhere near the degree of shape-shifting. All biological alterations can only be done within the same mass. Additional biomass must be obtained via nutritional consumption in order to make greater alterations.

The complete list of biokinetic specializations can be found below:

  • Acid Generation is the ability of a biokinetic to secrete a toxic acid as a defense mechanism.
  • Camouflage is the specialization some biokinetics use to change their epidermal pigment and light reflection to blend in with their surroundings.
  • Corporeal Transmutation is the ability of a biokinetic to modify the body's cellular construction so as to mimic an inorganic material. 
  • Elasticity is the specialization some biokinetics use to make their organic matter highly flexible and pliable, allowing them to stretch and bend in ways normally impossible. 
  • Ossification is the ability of a biokinetic to alter the density and flexibility of their bones, making them lighter, stronger, or highly pliable.
  • Self-Detonation is the specialization some biokinetics use to generate an exothermic reaction of explosive force.
  • Shapeshifting is the ability of a biokinetic to reshape skull and facial muscle structures, eye color, even skin pigmentation, to change their appearance.
  • Virogenesis is the specialization some biokinetics use to emit poisonous liquid secretions or toxic gas through microscopic pores on their body.