Sandra Bennet suffers memory loss at the hand of Rene.

Amnemopathy is the ability of a telepath to erase memories from someone's cerebral cortex. This can cause neural scarring, and brain damage is a very real risk. Amnemopathy (or Memory Erasure) is the ability to delete the memories of the victim by telepathically entering their mind and "pulling them out." When exercised to its maximum potential, this ability has no limit - the DNA Alternate could completely remove the short-term and long-term memories of the victim, possibly leaving them in a comatose state, or preventing extraordinary abilities from being used because of the victim becoming unaware they had them. It is unknown what can cause the mind to oppose the intrusion, however, when it is opposed, brain tissue is scarred when the memory is forced out. It is unknown if memories can be returned by the Alternate, although spontaneous regeneration may be able to repair the brain and return the memories. Both of these possible "cures" are, as yet, unproven. A proven cure, however, is the healing ability, which restores the scarred brain tissue formed when the memory was erased.