Adoptive Muscle Memory

Monica Dawson can duplicate an otherwise complicated gymnastics routine from watching it once.

Adoptive Muscle Memory (also referred to as muscle mimicry or photographic reflexes) is the biological ability of a DNA Alternate to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once. This does not have to be in person, but can be witnessed via the television or movie, a computer program, or even if a telepath could impress the images and movements inside the Alternate's mind. It does not require active concentration to achieve the same result with the person simply knowing how to do something physically and being able to perform it.

This process occurs via enhanced nervous signals in muscle tissue, allowing what the brain sees and intends to be fully communicated to the musculature. Nevertheless, the Alternate cannot adopt any physical actions that are beyond their physical ability. For example, the Alternate could watch someone swing a heavy weapon in a complicated series of attacks, but if the Alternate could not lift the weapon, they could not adopt the actions.